Natural Fulvic and Humic Trace Mineral Drops with Zinc, Magnesium & More. Liquid Electrolytes Improves Gut Health, Energy, Keto Diets. Add to Coffee, Tea, Smoothie. Make Water Alkaline, 3 Pack

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  • FEEL BETTER AFTER DRINKING with effective & rapid rehydration: blk. hydrating mineral drops make the perfect drink for after drinking recovery. Unlike hydration powder packets, blk. water drops have NO FLAVOR and no artificial ingredients
  • SUGAR-FREE MORNING RECOVERY: Don't let one night out ruin your bachelorette, wedding party, party games, or weekend travel! blk. drops feature over 77+ trace minerals, powerful electrolytes. Restore essential mineral balance for dehydration relief without the added sugar and calories of traditional sports drinks.
  • TAKE WELLNESS ON THE GO: No need to carry bulky mineral water bottles on cruises, vacations, and trips. blk drops are made to fit in your gym bag or purse. At just 2 fl.oz., they are TSA approved (carry-on friendly)! Add blk. drops to any beverage and stay hydrated anywhere
  • REHYDRATE YOUR BODY WITH ESSENTIAL MINERALS: blk's concentrated fulvic mineral drops greatly enhance absorption, impact and functionality of every vitamin, mineral, and supplement you take
  • blk INCREASES HYDRATION, FASTER RECOVERY AND RESTORES BALANCE: Prevent and recover faster from dehydration caused by alcohol consumption, illness, workout, travel & heat. blk drops are packed with nutrient-rich fulvic acid and humic acid that supply the electrolytes, antioxidants, and amino acids your body needs to rehydrate efficiently.

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