32 oz Total, Silver Doc Colloidal Silver Hydrosol Mineral Supplement, Natural Alternative and Immune Support, More Effective Than Any Colloidal Product

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  • Silver Doc’s unique proprietary manufacturing process creates silver molecules that are attracted to unwanted visitors via their charge like a magnet (bact.... & vir....). Silver Doc’s silver searches out and destroys these unwanted visitors unlike any other.
  • Smart, natural and healthy alternative to harsh medicines that may damage the body and the fragile gut flora, More Effective than any Colloidal Product
  • Perfectly safe! Glass bottles are not required for high quality silver in a high quality plastic. Only inferior products require glass as their silver is unstable. You can enjoy this product for a lifetime and still stay below the government's reference dose. Also, perfectly safe and effective for pets. Silver Doc is made in the USA.
  • Highest bio-availability - 99% absorbed by the body. No wasted silver inside or outside the body as micro particles (sub nano-meter in size - .8nm) are positively charged (the only effective kind) and can be used quickly
  • Silver was used in hospitals before the advent of modern medicine very effectively and for its healing properties.
  • Proprietary lean Six Sigma manufacturing process results in a perfect, affordable product
  • We know Silver Doc works so well you will never want to return it so we offer a Money Back Guarantee.

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